KWIK Apps for iOS And Android WITHOUT Any Coding

KWIK Apps for iOS And Android WITHOUT Any Coding

If you’ve wanted to get into the mobile market and develop an app for Android or iOS, but you don’t know Java or Objective-C, KWIK is the solution for you. With KWIK and Corona, all you need to know now is how to work with Photoshop; no programming required. Here is a list of items that you need to create an app for both iOS and Android and get it into the store. 


  • Corona SDK – $199 for Android or $199 for iOS or $349 for both per year
  • KWIK- $249
  • Photoshop CS5 (or higher) – CS5 for about $350
  • Dev Account for iOS – $99 per year
  • Dev Account for Google Play Store – $25 one time
  • Dev Account for Kindle – $99 per year

You can try the tools for free before you buy them.We are currently using this tool stack at TCInc to create a few fun apps for kids.  With this tool stack you can reduce the time to market by creating a KWIK app with Photoshop and compiling it for both iOS and Android.  I’m going to create a simple colouring book for kids as an example to show you how you can use KWIK to create a professional app without programming. Before we start, download the tools, install the Corona SDK, and install the KWIK Photoshop plugin. Both Corona and KWIK websites have good documentation on how to set up your development environments.There are a lot of books and colouring book apps out there in both app stores. They are a great way to market your other apps and your company. The colouring book app that I’m creating is a simple app with a colouring image in the middle and few colours on each side of the image to choose the colour for the colouring.  The tile of the app is Alphabet Colouring.  The assets for this app are reused from our Cloud Doodle Android App. 

Here is the video blog.

Here is the final “product”.

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