There’s an easier way to make your photos scary with ‘Creep Me Out’!

There’s an easier way to make your photos scary with ‘Creep Me Out’!

Time to get Creepy!

Creep Me Out – Google Play
With Halloween just around the corner, we here at Translucent Computing released a very scary photo app for Android titled ‘Creep Me Out’. The app lets you take your everyday photos and transform them into scary works of art to scare and share with your friends!

The great thing about Creep Me Out is it’s versatility. Like most photo applications, it allows you to alter your photos in unique and interesting ways, but unlike the rest, Creep Me Out really knows how to stand out in several horrifying ways:
1) It’s an open canvas for creativity. Along with an array of props, stamps and filters, the app lets you take advantage of free draw and a massive colour palette. The possibilities are endless, and you’re the artist. 
2) Scary stamps! Not only are they animated and let you interact with your photos in new, terrifying ways, but each stamp has it’s own unique noise that plays when you place it on or around your photo. Ever wanted to see what your friends would look like being chased by an army of bloody disembodied zombie hands? Well, now you can!
3) Fonts galore! The app contains a wide selection of spooky fonts that are resizable and rotatable. Want to accent your photo with a really terrifying font? Creep Me Out has got you covered. Want something a little more tame or child friendly for your photo? The app accommodates that too. 
4) Share with your friends! From Facebook to Instagram, it’s never been easier to get your scary photos out into the world. Need some ideas for how to zombify that special someone? There’s plenty of Creep Me Out photo examples floating around the net and our social media for you to get inspired by!
5) You can share your drawings on the web! This feature, coming soon, allows you to take your photos from your mobile device and export them to a web viewer, where you can replay your photo’s terrifying transformation!
Check it out at:
There’s an easier way to make your photos scary! Give it a shot with ‘Creep Me Out’ today!

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